Arm yourself with this Tactical Blade &
Feel Safe, Anywhere, Anytime.

Our neighbourhoods are not safe when we still have people being attacked in their homes by robbers and hoodlums.

Even with the police around, crime rate is still increasing. 

The truth is, most attacks on innocent people could have been averted if they had a way to defend themselves.

You should be able to defend yourself & feel safe in your home

The only way to protect yourself now is by having something to defend yourself with.

Introducing => Tactical survival Knife

Protect yourself & family from being attacked by just anyone. This tactical blade is a very capable blade in a different situations.


It’s overall length is 9 inches, hefty & 4 mm in thickness. Beautifully designed to perform different task – piercing, cutting, cutting large objects, batoning.

It allows you to add multiple pets to the system and keep track of their location and data, including the distance traveled and the speed in MPH.

The one knife that makes you stronger

With this features, you are sure to like this knife;

=> The WithArmour Needle is perfect for fighting, self defense, or survival.


=> This economic tactical full-tang fighter is made from High Carbon 440C steel

Perfectly carved and textured G-10 handle is beefy and heavy duty


=> Includes MIL Grade Kydex sheath for a convenient belt carry, or lashing to a pack

=> Multifunction- Perfectly suitable for outdoor tactical activities, such as tactical mission, self defense, etc.

It’s the perfect tool for fighting, self defence or survival

This tool is sure to make you feel stronger.


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