Avoid any Accidental Fall during the Winter
Season with this Tactical Boot.

If you’re an avid hiker, then you understand the risk of going hiking during the winter, when one could easily slip. 

The thing about winter seasons is that it’s easy to slip during that time…during hiking, climbing etc.

And some of these slips could be very hazardous.

There have been recorded cases where people broke their legs or arm due to falling down while hiking. 

Even if you decide hiking with a boot, which is perfect by the way, most boots being produced now lack quality, and don’t have a good grip on the ground. 

So you just might be wasting your money trying to purchase one.

What can you do now to enjoy hiking? 

The only way to actually enjoy hiking and be safe, is by using a tactical boot.

This is why you need the Tactical Hiking Shoes

Don’t let the fear of slipping stop you from enjoying hiking

Unlike the normal boots, this hiking boot is built to withstand all winter obstacles and perform highly.

This tactical boot has a sleek, athletic design that offers lightweight comfort and optimal fit all at a great value. Ready-for-use straight from the box.


Here’s why you will love this boot;

=> 100% Leather and Fabric 

=> Rubber sole

=> Polish-able leather and highly breathable air mesh upper. Breathable moisture wicking lining. Slip, oil-resistant rubber out-sole.

=> Removable high performance shock-absorbent cushion insert for all day comfort. Padded collar and tongue for extra comfort

=> Removable high performance shock-absorbent cushion insert for all day comfort. Padded collar and tongue for extra comfort. 

=> Lightweight, shock-absorbing moulded midsole. Athletic cemented construction

=> heavy duty side zipper with closure for fast on and off. Composite shank for stability and support.

The sole is designed with aggressive treads to provide maximum traction. This will help to prevent  slipping on most surface, especially during winter

It’s rugged grip on the ground makes it possible to quickly move between multiple environments and terrains.

The boot is designed to have 3 dynamic soles;

  • A removable cushion insole
  • A lightweight midsole made of flexible EVA
  • A durable rubber outsole.

Get it Now and join other happy customers

Order Now And Worry No More About Accidental Slippery Falls In Winter!

These Tactical Hiking Shoes Will Keep You Steady.


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