Levitating Hands Free Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are presently everywhere and they are very easy to purchase, but the majority of them are simply useless.

Often having very poor design and sound quality, and not durable. You end up wasting money in purchasing them without getting any value for your money. 

You need a bluetooth speaker that is elegant in design, sparking quality & durability
and is able to deliver an excellent sound performance.

Introducing => Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Designed specially to add to the decoration in your home and office,
as well as giving you a wonderful sound experience.


The speaker orb works with a floating & spinning mechanism. It rotates
above the magnetic base without touching the ground.

Here are some amazing features of this Levitating Speaker;

  • The speaker orb is floating and spinning above a magnetic base without touching any other object, it works with zero-loss audio streaming and produces a better sound.
  • Decorative LED Lights: The floating speaker will light up on it's own and change to 7 different LED light colors when you plug the base. You can use it to brighten up your room.
  • 360 Degree Surround Sound: This levitating speaker built-in 5-watt speaker spinning in 360 degrees, sends powerful sound in every direction. Place it just about anywhere in a room and enjoy rich, immersive audio.
  • It supports voice guidance, touch keys, Hand-free phone call, Mobile Phone and PC use
  • 500mAh battery enables a breakthrough of 8 hours playtime. You can enjoy it for hours non-stop.

Amaze your friends and your family with this
levitating bluetooth speaker.

It can be placed in home & office… A great idea for a birthday gift


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