It’s safe & easy to use, even for kids…

Now You Can Clean Your Ear With This Tool Without
any Fear of Getting Yourself Injured...

We have all experienced that fear of not going too far so nothing is damaged while cleaning out ear, Especially if the tool been used, is not safe.

Even when you’re making use of the normal ear cleaning bud, it still doesn’t do the job well.

And sometimes if you’re not careful, the wool from the bud might fall out and be stalk inside your ear.

Nobody would want this.

This is why you need the Ear Pick Spoon

You can get rid of the cleaning buds & those other objects now


Designed to not just clean your ear effectively, but to also give it a good massage.

The ear pick spoon has a practical double end design. One end is designed spirally, for massaging the ear, while the other end is to remove dirt from the ear.

It’s stainless steel design will ensure that it doesn’t rust and will stay durable.

It can remove dry, moist and compacted ear wax from your ear with great ease.

The ear pick spoon is portable in size and is very light. You can carry it anywhere with you, and at anytime.

It has an anti-sleep design that prevents it from slipping through from your hands to your ears while using it.

Even Your Kids can use it on their own.

It’s an amazing tool to have in the home for everybody’s use.


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