Now you can sleep in your car like it’s home

This Car Travel Bed is Perfect For Family Picnics,
Vacation & Hiking

Ever gone on a picnic or vacation and you forgot to make provision for what to sleep on?

It’s very discomforting when this happens.

Despite having your car seat to sleep or rest on when you’re tired, it still won’t give you that relaxing feeling. Because your car seat is primarily not meant for sleeping

Even when it’s adjusted to a sleeping position,
it’s still not as comfortable as having a bed.

You can’t possibly put your bed in your car while travelling or going on
a picnic because it won’t fit in.

This is why you need the Car Travel Bed


100% Comfort Anywhere Even in Your Car

The Inflatable Car bed gives you comfort anywhere – whether you’re travelling or going on a picnic or vacation.

It’s made of ultra-thickened flocking cloth, making it very strong, durable and at the same time cozy.

Asides being a bed, you can also use it as a chair in the car…you just fold it and it transforms into a chair.

Built for extreme comfort

The car bed comes as a pack containing;

  • Car Bed
  • Storage Bag
  • Pillows
  • Pump
  • Repairing kits

What are you waiting for?

Everything you need to enjoy comfort in your car all fitted into one pack


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